A professional messaging app with integration APIs

Communication by SMS made simple, smart and successful: for exam results, custom messages, marketing and much more..

Telegram username: @JBSSMSbot
  • Schools and Colleges

  • Companies and Businesses
  • Chamas and Welfare Groups
Schools & Colleges
Send exam results to parents, fees balances, ordinary communication to parents and much more..
Welfare groups & Businesses
Send announcements to members, marketing materials, reminders, client communication, etc.


An easy to use, smart interface to send messages to: a given contact, saved contacts, uploaded contacts in MS Excel or formulated messages in MS Excel like Exam results or bills.

Use M-Pesa to pay for SMS units and enjoy automatic processing of each payment transaction, no delays or procedures!

Access a list of all messages sent with their delivery status, and all payment transactions you've done with a downloadable receipt for each transaction.


  • + Sync your existing contacts
  • + Formulate SMS with MS Excel files
  • + Top-up with any amount using M-Pesa
  • + Integrate to your systems via our HTTP API


  • SMS CostKES 1.00 per SMS
  • SMS BrandingOne-off sender ID registration fee, KES 15,000